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Services Overview

Birnam-Vet-Operating-theatre-dog-under-aneasthetic-knee-operationAt Birnam Veterinary Clinic we adhere to the highest quality standard of veterinary care.If we are unable to make a diagnosis or provide care within our scope of practice as a general veterinary practice, we will refer you and your pet to the best veterinary specialists available in the country. We are attached to our patients as if they were our own pets and only the best veterinary care will do for us. Our veterinary staff take as much time as possible in the consulting room to fully explain your pets condition and treatment with costs involved to you the owner and where possible use visual aids to make sure you understand your pet’s condition and treatment.

Our approach

“A scientific approach with a gentle touch”

We use a gentle approach and try to put the patient at ease as much as possible.

Service List

General Veterinary Medical Consultations

• Medical consultations

• Geriatric consultations

• New puppy consultations and advice

• Trauma consultations

• Behavioural advice

Soft Tissue Surgery

In our endeavour to provide you with first world veterinary services, we have purchased a number of new surgical equipment as well as a new anaesthetic machine to ensure your family pet receives the best possible treatment should it require surgery.

Preventative Care

Prevention is better than treatment” is a philosophy that we subscribe to. Here are a few treatments that many you as the owner can have done for your pet to prevent unnecessary expensive

veterinary treatment

• Parasite treatment. External and internal parasite control

• Annual 5 in1 vaccinations

• Rabies vaccinations

• Kennel cough vaccinations

• FIV/FEL vaccinations

X-ray facilities

We have invested in a new digital x-ray facility on site at our practice which means we can do emergency and routine x-rays and develop them immediately should the need arise. This puts less stress on our patients as they can be treated quicker and with less disruption.

In house laboratory

Our slogan, scientific care with a gentle touch, sums up our need for accurate and rapid results when it comes to tests that we need to do on our patients so as to provide the owner with the correct diagnosis and treatment plan for their family pets. To aid us in this endeavour we have blood diagnostic machines for in house use. This means your pets blood results are available quicker and we can start treatment sooner. For blood tests and histology’s that we are unable to perform in house, we use the top South African laboratories.

Bathing and Grooming

We all love to cuddle with our pets but sometimes it can be rather smelly and unpleasant! At Birnam Veterinary Clinic, we offer a bath and grooming service for dogs and cats. Evelyn and Goodness have been with the practice for many years and are well known by the clients and their pets as many come in regularly for a groom.

Premium Pet Food Sales

One way we can ensure continued good health in our family pets is by providing premium veterinary researched pet food. We at Birnam Veterinary Clinic are invested in providing you the client with the best of the best when it comes to premium pet food therefore we stock a wide range of the pet foods. If you require something we don’t have in stock, please speak to one of our friendly receptionists who will try to source it for you.


Preventative care is very important when owning a pet. Vaccinations form a very important part in ensuring your pet’s good health. These are done once a year when your vet will also do a thorough physical check-up on your pet.

Other Services

• Dietary advise

• Weight clinic

• Dental work

• Spaying and neutering of pets

• Well equipped operating theatre

• Primary health care advise

• Parasite control and advice